SEO Article Writing Tips

SEO Article Writing Tips are tips to enter keywords as possible into an article without reducing the beauty of words. So you can not enter a keyword too many who seem to “force”.

For a blogger who have advanced, of course it is very easy. But for me and you are still a beginner, of course it is difficult. Here are 10 tips that you be a SEO friendly article:

1. Making Title. The title is the keyword that you want to use. So you have to enter a keyword phrase in the title. For example in this article, the keywords used were “Seo Article Writing Tips”.

2. Placing keywords in the first sentence. Look at this page. His first sentence is the keyword “SEO Article Writing Tips”. Google knows that the content of the article always contains the main sentence. That is the first sentence written.

3. Use the Keyword and variations as sub-headings. Subtitles easier for the reader to examine each of the parts of the article. Khusnya if the article consists of a long text and a review of more than
one discussion. For this part, you can use keywords yng called LSI or Latent Semantic Keyword keyword, the keywords that resembles the main word.

For example we had the main keyword “SEO Article Writing Tips, LSI keyword seo article terms it can, avoid the following 3 things if you want your article SEO, SEO according to yahoo and others.

4. Search engines like list or lists. Articles are arranged neatly favored by google. Because the article neat readable properties.

5. Place keywords in SEO article. Spread the keywords in the articles you write. Suppose that in this article I often write the word “SEO Article Writing Tips”.

6. The length of at least 800 word article. Google likes the article more than 800 words. Commonly called a pillar article. The length of the article is used to prevent excessive keyword. So the calculation is simply the number of words divided by the number of keywords.

7. Creating Internal link on SEO article. After I finish this article, I made the link with the word “SEO Article Writing Tips” as needed. Not too much nor too little.

8. Giving effect to the keyword bold. I always write the keyword “SEO Article Writing Tips” in bold in this article. Writing with a bold effect will help google translate that word in bold is something important.

9. Up Date periodical articles. It is concerned with google bot visits to ensure your website Up to Date. Google prefers sites are updated regularly with similar topics. For example this site stubs Tips writing.

Note 10. On Page SEO Optimization and SEO off Page. SEO on page is the percentage occurrence of keywords in one page. Whereas off page SEO is the appearance of keywords and anchor text to the page in question.

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Google and Firefox, How They Work Together


Google is a web-giant and can be simply regarded as the major brain behind the rapid development of the web and its facilities. Google has always been concerned about offering the best and most enhanced services to its extensive user base, which in its turn has added more to its user numbers. One of the primary concerns of the major web services, including Google, is online security of the users.


Google and its Plugins


With the rapid growth of the internet, issues like spamming, phishing and other modes of online security threats have become abundant, and in this scenario, in order to protect the users from falling prey to these fraudulent activities, Google has devised a number of ways from the very beginning. These ways might not be able to offer you 100% online security while using Google services, but ensures a good coverage and can be highly helpful to save your interest if you keep your eyes open while browsing the web. The latest bunch of plugins released by Google is aimed towards ensuring the best security of the users while enhancing their user experience through advanced features.


Firefox and the Google Plugin


Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser with an extended user base. In order to ensure security of the Firefox users, Google has incorporated many security features in this web app in the form of Plug-ins. While using Google Chrome users get the full protection and facilities of Google, and they can get similar protection and facilities for Firefox as well with the help of the latest Google plugins that also work for the Firefox.


However, the latest Google update plugin has been a point of confusion for many users as they automatically got it on their Firefox browser after installing or updating some Google programs. This Plug-in actually work as a connection between Google and Firefox, enabling the browser to get all the latest updates so that it can actually offer the best protection and service to the users.

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How to Contact Sprint Customer Service


The Customer Service of Sprint is the only aspect of the service for which only a handful of subscribers might complain. So, it is considered as the best part of Sprint service; no matter what your problem is, and the time you are calling the customer care, you will always get a smiling tone at the other end.


The company maintains an extensive base of customer care executives spread across different regions of the country to ensure the best customer service. However, it is another point that the executives might not be actually able to solve out your issues of call drop or sloppy connection, but they will surely lend you an ear to listen to your frustration and grievances; asking you very politely to “please bear with us”.


Call the Customer Care or Visit a Store


So, contacting Sprint Customer Service is quite simple. The oldest and yet one of the simplest ways of contacting the customer care is to call up on the Sprint Customer Service number; and there is high chances that you will actually get to talk to an executive in person and not with a machine. The service is available 24×7 and you can reach them without any hassle. Another old way of getting help is to visit a retail store of the service provider; however, this can be actually difficult particularly in these days when you have to schedule every minute of your time.


Live Chat


To ensure the best customer service, Sprint offers a number of other modes of customer communication as well. You can directly chat with the customer care executives through their website and solve out any queries about your account. The online Chat is available from Monday through Friday, from 6am in the morning till 11.30pm in the evening. You can also get an executive on live chat even on weekends between 7am and 11pm.


However, this information is all you get on their site, but during the high chat volume, the “Chat” option might be unavailable on their site all together, and you are requested to try again later in case the option is not available for the time.


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Understanding Web Hosting

Before getting to know web hosting you need to understand first by hosting, Hosting derived from the host if the computer, the host means storage location. Well, now we infer just what is the meaning of web hosting, web hosting is the storage location of the file on the web or the internet and the file is specific to the files of the website or let’s say the file is a website organs controlled by the server that is managed by an individual or an organization / specific company responsible for making any website connected to the network in order to always be online with the help of a computer connected to a network of high-speed internet, well in making a website buddy must be smart in WordPress hosting cheap. For online business professionals choose The bootstrap host for your online business professional, it is very important because in the future.

Understanding Domain or domain name

Similarly in wikipedia, understanding domain or domain name is a unique name that represents a website’s address as the identity of the website address. Domain Name or Domain Name is always located after the sign http: // and usually the domain name after the sign there is a sign which begins with www. and there is no www. and then ends with a file extension; .com, Id,, and others as a website address. actual domain name serves to facilitate users on the internet at the time of access to the server, as well as used to remember the name of the server that visited without having to know complicated series of numbers known as IP addresses. The domain name is also known as a union of a web site as an example The domain name is sometimes also referred to as the URL, or website address. so actually it’s domain name to represent the IP, whereas IP to see a website you can easily find him melalai CMD, please ping the website you want to know its IP it is obvious there.

How to have hosting and domain
After understand the notion of hosting and domain then how that we have their own web hosting or domain name of our own? actually many ways to get it, in general, the hosting and the domain is usually paid, but if my friend wants to have a hosting without spending any money at all then please try the free hosting it first because many web hosting that provide hosting services for free. If you want to try a free web hosting please read the first article about some free webhosting. but if you are rich I recommend you buy a paid hosting, because of course the service will be optimized.

Similarly, a glimpse of articles on web hosting and domain understanding that I can give, may be useful, and if you have difficulty to create their own website .

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How to Find a Welcoming Home For Your WordPress Blog


Newcomers often forget the arguably most important component of having a successful website. Identifying and choosing the right web hosting service is probably the second most important aspect of the whole process. The first one, of course, is having top notch content. Not only having a quality web host guarantees efficient data transfer, but it will make it possible for you to improve other segments of your web page that can lead to improved SEO habits and increased sales, regardless of the fact that your product is physical or it is a service, maybe even the intellectual property of yours.

Don’t be satisfied with the domain company’s solution

It is often a rookie mistake to accept the default hosting service that comes with the page. When someone buys a domain, the default hosting service is usually the service of the company that sold said domain name. The site will work and depending on the provider, the hosting service can even be decent, but this type of conduct often leads to problems down the line. The price could go up, along with the decrease of the hosting storage space.

This can all be avoided by simply redirecting the freshly purchased website to a different hosting service, one that’s niche is specifically revolves around providing hosting services. Usually the correct assumption in those cases is that the customer will get a higher quality of service in return for their money. Redirecting the website is also a very common practice and something that does not necessarily require advanced user skills. Since every company does their business slightly differently, it is generally a good idea to inquire about the possible consequences that could follow the redirection process.

Find your best fit for hosting your data

A recurring problem is finding a service that any newcomer can trust. There are a gazillion companies out there that offer hosting services and that is a curse and a blessing at the same time. Blessing because usually they have no choice but to offer more competitive prices, and curse because we have simply too many options to choose from which can of course be a little bit overwhelming. Luckily, by setting a couple of initial parameters, finding the right hosting service becomes that much easier.


As is usually the case with any service, the price of web hosting can fluctuate rather strongly. The basic services start at just a couple of bucks per month while the sophisticated and virtually unlimited ones can ask for five or six times that. A general thumb of rule is that most privately-owned sites can get away with paying anything from 5 to 10 dollars a month, and for that price they should be able to get a storage space big enough to handle all their data and then some, in case of increased traffic.

Types of hosting

One of the first questions that they will ask from you after signing up, is whether you want VPS (which stands for Virtual Private Server), shared, dedicated or managed hosting. Out of those, managed hosting is the latest concept and in essence it means that the service offers you a highly-customised experience where there is very little left to do for yourself. The system will handle most of the tasks for your convenience. With the VPS, the customers have superuser level access while the VPS will run its very own copy. Shared hosting means that the users have to share the resources with others. This can be ideal for beginners before really figuring it all out. The dedicated services usually include at least three different package plans to choose from and contrary to the shared hosting services, the user has access to all available resources.

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