Unique Services on Internet

One of the things that the internet has to offer is convenience . Not just in terms of getting information , but also get the service directly without the need to move from the chair .

1 . Finding the size of the ring

Want to buy your partner or friend a gift of a ring ? If you do not know the ring size desired , FindMyRingSize.com site offers its customers to measure the size of the virtual ring . The process is fairly easy . As a requirement , the site requires an ID card as well as the customer’s credit card . In addition , you must also include a ring that will be used as a benchmark in determining the size of the search. What if the ring does not have a comparison ? Do not worry , this site also provides a virtual ring as a comparison .

2 . Measure the distance pupils

If you want to buy glasses online , you are required to include a prescription from an eye doctor . Sometimes what is listed on the recipe does not include information that can be fairly important to the patient . For example, information on the distance pupils . Actually, the inclusion of this information is fairly important to set the ideal position between the lens of the eye. For that , there are some famous glasses sites , among which the Warby Parker website which has an address in http://pd.warbyparker.com/ . It’s easy, just use a webcam and strips of credit cards , and then just follow the guidance given .

3 . Looking for a place to sit at any cost

Usually , you can search for an ideal place to sit by visiting the site of each service cost . However SeatGuru.com site offers another ease in finding the desired seating position . This site provides a service by showing the floor plan of an aircraft based on seat position available . You simply find the airline that had been arranged by category and enter a specific flight number . SeatGuru will feature seats with a floor plan and some details of the facilities that would be obtained by a passenger . In addition to the seat position , you will also find other information about the whereabouts of the plane and other facilities provided .

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Z-Wave vs. ZigBee and Insteon

Gabr Campur 2Nowadays, it is sure that we need something that can speed up our productivity. It is sure that your work should be supported with complete facilities and comfortable working places. There is no doubt that by getting those kinds of thing you will be able to have what you need and improve your working quality. That is why there is so many software, hardware, or even programs which are produced to enhance people’s work quality. Since the software is various, you should make sure that you choose the right software so your work would not be so complicated. Here are several kinds of software that you should know and its comparison.

If you are looking for software with the renowned standard for 802.15 networks, you can choose between ZigBee and Z-Wave. Those two brands have different software, hardware, devices, or applications. You can compare those two and find the best one that you are looking for. However, to simplify your task, you can just simply check http://zwaveguide.com/z-wave-vs-zigbee/ to know the clear differences between those two devices. Continue reading

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10 Best Crowdfunding Sites


With all the jibber-jabber about crowdfunding, it’s natural to think this relatively new financing model is a hit. Not quite. While hundreds of sites are popping out from every conceivable nook and cranny, many of these e-financing platforms are struggling, barely making it – like any business upstart worth the bookkeeping. And many of those “getting the money” are not giving back a success story, too.

So if you want to work with any crowdfunding site, always do your due diligence. Success for one does not mean success for all. To save you a little bit of a sweat, however, here are 10 of the most viable crowdfunding sites to have made a name for themselves.

  1. 1.              Kickstarter

Like its name, Kickstarter have been known for kicking projects to a start. With the Pebble smartwatch, as one of its noteworthy accomplishments, this site has a solid reputation of success. However, if you also want to give to charity as a side objective, say to typhoon Haiyan victims, you should go elsewhere as Kickstarter only funds tech projects from the bottom up.

  1. 2.      Indiegogo

For a wider scope of projects, charities-included, Indiegogo is the place to go. It’s this wide-reaching arm over time that has endeared this site to many.

  1. 3.      Quirky

Now, for those who have bright ideas, Quirky is there to catch your back. For inventors and tinkerers galore and all the Thomas Edisons of today (wannabes, hasbeens or what-not), you should give Quirky a shot.

  1. 4.      Invested.in

Here’s a crowdfunder’s paradise. If you, at the back of your mind and seeing the merits of crowdfunding, are wont to start your own crowdfunding site, then Invested.in is your man of the day. This site – a tried-and-tested software provider – will give you the necessary tools to get your platform off to a good start.

  1. 5.      AngelList

If you want a boost in your tech start-up business and need a hand, finance-wise that is, then AngelList is heaven-sent. Though initially limited to traditional funding, AngelList has come a long way, confident there are still lots of up-and-coming tech-preneurs who may just need the right break to realize their potential.


  1. 6.      Appbackr

This one’s for the app-centered. If you’ve been putting codes one after the other and is conceptualizing the next big craze in town – Android or iOS-based – then Appbackr could be your best bet. Continue reading

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A Mobile POS Solution: What Businesses Can Benefit From Them?

Picture1If you’re like any business owner, you’re concerned about keeping your business growing and staying ahead of the times. This likely means you’ve heard about the different mobile POS solutions available for your establishment.  If you’re a business that utilizes any of the following then you could benefit from taking your POS mobile.

Report Generation

Do you need to generate different reports for your business? Do you run reports to tell you about sales, inventory, invoices and even client data? If you answer yes to any of this then a mobile POS solution can make your life easier.  With a mobile POS solution you’ll find that running reports and managing the information will become much easier. You’ll no longer have to gather paper to print, search for old files or figure out how to actually generate the report. This will help you have more time for other parts of running your business, such as making the sales.

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Review Asus EeeBox PC EB1030

asusThis device has a small physical form . Honey mediocre specifications that can only be optimized for lightweight computing . The uniqueness of Asus EeeBox PC EB1030 nettop directly visible from the physical form .

Nettop is the term for a desktop PC with a tiny physical form that is destined for internet access . Nettop is a mini version of a desktop , a netbook which is a condensed version of notebook . This nettop has a thickness of no more than three centimeters only. Hence nettop can be placed in unusual places .

We can call this product as AiO PC wannabe . Because the net op provides brackets that can be placed on the back of an LCD monitor and can be ” patched” so similar to the PC all – in-one . Bracket and supporting devices to be attached to the monitor is included in the package . However, this mode can only be installed on the LCD that has a standard VESA mount .

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