What is Picasa?


Photography is an instant art. With every click, taken in a fraction of second you re-invent the world around you. Being an art of expression, photography catches the fine details of the subject and presents it in a new light, which is not always possible through words. If you want to show to the world your photography skills, then there is a wonderful program as provided by Google. It is called Picasa.

Picasa- Explained 

Google offers this free photo management program called Picasa. It is a fine tool used to manage and organize all those images that you have captivated in your camera and have stored in hard drive of your PC or laptop. Picasa not just allows managing all the photos but also sharing the same with friends and public in the form of photo CD’s or in the form of prints that you can order from online vendors, as supported by Picasa.

If you go through the following features, you will understand Picasa well.


Features of Picasa




  • Organizing, editing

Picasa offers tracking and importing features, along with facial recognition, etc. Some of the basic image editing features entails red eye reduction, colour enhancement, cropping, printing, slideshows, image printing, etc. Know this that Picasa supports JPG format and WebP format.

  • Keyword-centric 

Since the Picasa program uses picasa.ini; it helps to maintain track of the keywords that are used for every image. Keywords that are used by those images supported by JPEG can be read by Adobe Photoshop Album, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, iPhoto and others


  • Enable in search


You will find a search bar in Picasa that appears on the screen when you are viewing the library. The search bar enables in searching captions, filenames, folder names, tags, and metadata.


  • For viewing


With Picasa you might not have access to a separate view window, but only when the pictures are passed through slide mode.


  • Back up


Every time you need to change the details of a picture it overwrites the original one. However, there is always a backup version that saves the original picture.


There is always a current version and old version. Software developers of the program are always in an effort to update the Picasa program since there are more added features to it that bring in ample benefits. To download the current version of Picasa you have to go to the Firefox menu.


Here is how


  • Picasa Firefox Plugin is an effective tool that enables in editing videos and photographs most conveniently
  • User can manage all the pictures on Picasa swiftly and dexterously with its current version
  • Also, Picasa Firefox Plugin is easily integrated with the OS
  • With the current version users get geo tagging and face recognition with it


Once users have updated to current version of Picasa and have installed the same, the program will aid in Picasa Firefox Plugin updates. The plus point of plug-in is that with it you do not require to install anything for using the web albums. All you have to do is you have to enter the username and password to log into the website of your album for viewing the pictures. Remember, you have access to all features of plugin provided under the Firefox browser.

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How to Get Rid Of Spam through Gmail



Spam emails are quite common in every Inbox nowadays. Even the high security Gmail accounts are not an exception when it comes to spam Emails. So, you should keep in mind that there will be spam in your inbox, and you need to scan through them intelligently. However, Gmail offers some fantastic features to deal with Spam, which can certainly make your task a lot simpler.


Gmail – anti-Spam security


Gmail comes with a separate Spam folder, which collects the junk of the Spam emails, that you don’t even need to see unless you choose to check them going to the Spam folder. The majority of the Spam emails automatically go to this folder instead of landing in your primary Inbox. However, the ones, which are missed by Google, ends up in your Inbox and you need to send them to the spam folder manually by first selecting the Spam email and then clicking on the “Report Spam” button in the tool bar above.


So, now all the Spam emails are collected in a single folder in your Gmail account, but keep in mind that keeping them in Spam folder does not make them go away from your account. For getting rid of the Spam emails completely you can follow any of the following 3 steps:


  1. Create a filter


Creating a manual Spam filter can certainly be effective in sending the spam messages to the Trash. However, as warned by Google, setting a manual filter is not always effective. The next steps will tell you how to set a spam filter –


  • Go to the settings of your Gmail by clicking on the gear icon at the right hand side of your Inbox.
  • Click the Filters tab and next the “Create new filter” button.
  • A pop-up box will come up where you need to type “in:spam” in the “Has the Words” field.
  • Select “Create Filter with this Search” and confirm by clicking the Okay button.
  • For sending spam messages to Trash, now all you need to do is to click the “Delete it” check box.
  • For applying this filter to the Spam emails already present in your Spam folder, click on the checkbox next to the Create Filter Button and then click on the Create Filter tab.


  1. Use “Delete All”


You can delete all Spam messages in your Gmail through this option. On opening of your Spam Folder you will be prompted with a message at the top of your Inbox; and within that message there is a quick link to delete all the spam messages in a single click. This option is a handy way of getting rid of the Spam emails from your Gmail.


  1. Wait for 30 Days


This is the last, and often the simplest option followed by most of the Gmail users. Gmail clears up the Spam folder automatically in every 30 days, and you really need not to do anything for that apart from waiting for Gmail to make its own way. This is also the recommended way by Gmail.


So, now you know all about how to get rid of Spam through Gmail and can opt for any of the above options as per your needs.


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Great things about Using Online Storage Solutions


Increasingly more cloud-storage options are increasingly being made available at affordable costs, making them even more accessible than ever. The web storage free ideas or reports are actually presenting as much as 10GB of space for storing that you can use, while advanced programs with monthly bandwidth and infinite storage are even easier to find. There are when utilizing cloud storage solutions, a quantity of primary rewards you are able to appreciate.

First of all, it is possible to keep documents that are important online for security. Due to SSL security and the advanced encryption, it is now possible and never have to bother about information theft or data loss in any way, to store essential, sensitive records safely around the cloud. Only pick the best cloud storage alternative and store your documents quickly and securely.

You can even have the records offered by all situations after they are located online. Perhaps storage free ideas are now accessible via just about any computer and mobile devices through their web-based program, therefore you no more need to be worried about burning the documents you have to a thumb drive provided that internet connection can be obtained.

It’s possible to-use the cloud storage option to synchronize devices, since the cloud-storage server is accessible from virtually any remote terminal. Possibly the storage ideas that are free that are web today have portable applications and private software suitable for every OS. All connected products are synchronized immediately, after finishing the initial setup method.

Effort is also enabled by cloud-storage at a far more beautiful amount. Not only will you not be unable to talk about documents to peers across the globe, each person can also focus on the exact same record simultaneously. The latest update is stored to the major cloud storage machine, while around 30 old versions of the identical report is archived automatically for easy access.

Ofcourse, the option of online storage options also means it’s simple to share different types of files quickly. Many cloud storage providers currently come with a built in multimedia player for easy streaming of movie and audio files. Papers might be modified on the fly because of web-based office rooms, so you just need your web browser to work with files stored online.

Advanced access supervision is also available in selected programs, therefore each file might be distributed to some particular user – or number of users – according to your requirements and tastes. Records may be password protected though they are provided to ensure that just select people – together with the right password – can access them.

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Definition and Explanation About SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a series of processes are carried out systematically in order to increase the number of visitors to a site or a blog based on certain keywords chosen by the manager of the blog or parties who perform SEO optimization.

With Colombus SEO, a blog owner tried to put his blog on the top position (at least to be the first page) of the results of searches performed by search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN berdsarkan subject or a particular word chosen.

By being on the main position of the search results, then automatically manages the blog will receive more traffic or visitors because psychologically, the person doing the search will click on the link that is at the top of the first who obtained when looking for a sentence or articles on search engines.

In the top position in search engine results is a dream every owner of a blog or website, therefore many emerging companies that provide SEO optimization services. But later revealed that most of the SEO optimization performed by the SEO optimization services provider using fraudulent means or commonly known as black hat seo.

With a black hat seo techniques, a blog can indeed soon be at the top of the search engines, but it only lasted a moment. In the long run, what they do actually hurt blog in optimization and makes the blog disappeared altogether from the search engine. Therefore, the owner of the blog or friend who wants to create a blog, learn and understand the entire SEO and search engine optimization techniques are essential.

It should be the steps of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) prepared prior to a blog or a website built. Starting from the selection of the domain name to the targeted keywords should be designed from the outset to facilitate the development of the content or the content of the blog. However, many web developers are finding SEO techniques after their blog or website was completed and had operated for so long. In this case, SEO can still be applied to make changes or optimization. The problem is how big the changes that can be done?

Examples that can be taken is the wide selection of the domain name. One of the SEO techniques that Sampa is still valid is the use of a domain name that is associated with the keywords, will have a positive impact on targeted keywords on search engines buddy. For example, if the content pal website contains everything a chicken, the chicken on the domain using the word would be very helpful.

Next is the selection of keywords or keyword. In this case my friend is not recommended to play guess-guess the word, my friend had to use a professional way to choose those keywords. Just like the previous article, namely Tips Choosing The Right Keyword Blog And Accurate wordtracker.com friend can use the site to research keywords that are popular or frequently searched. These keywords will be sorted by score is called Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI). Keyword with KEI value of 100, good enough to be used. The greater the KEI value of a keyword, the more popular the keyword too.

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Understanding The Type of Server

The managementof dedicated servers is the actions / activities carried out so that a server can work as efficiently as possible and be able to work well without any problems which enables a server fails (down) or impaired performance.

In the management server there are several things to note are: the device (hardware) network are to be used, the architecture (topology / design) computer network is selected and its weaknesses and strengths as well as what services are used by the server that you want to manage (management ). Without this information a management server administrator will be difficult to manage.

In a server all devices such as operating systems, hardware, applications and networks is a very important element and an absolute must have, because of the absence of one of these components, the server will not be able to work. Example: A server is managed (management) properly, including the application and operating system, but there is no network connection between the computer and the client, the server will not be able to serve the client because there is no communication between the two devices.

Management Server

Ideally to every company has its own server inventory. Companies need Admin duty to maintain and monitor dedicated vs cloud and dedicated staff to handle the server. Obviously this comes with a consequence of its own that need to be addressed:


Costs incurred for server administrators team is usually relatively large. Among them are expenditures for salaries, allowances and other expenses.

Long Term Care Insurance

It is often experienced by some owners of the server / website when administrators that they have left the job (resign). Then the server of the company become neglected and no one maintains.

Some things have to be done in managing a server are:

Server Monitoring

– Ensure that the DNS server has tersetting properly.
– Overseeing the server is functioning properly or not.
– Managing server logs and analyze traffic to the server in the form of periodic reports.

Server Management

– Set the directory structure on the server.
– Responsible for server configuration both in terms of security and features (modules) that need to be provided.
– Create a user and set its permissions respectively.
– Creating a user account to access the web and database servers.

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